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Mini Eggs Bag Easter Chocolate Solid Dairy Milk (Pocket Eggs x8)

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  • EASTER EGG - Mini Eggs Easter Chocolate Box is a delicious treat perfect for the Easter season! Enjoy creamy, smooth chocolate that’s filled with crunchy, colorful mini eggs.
  • EASTER CANDY - The perfect size for a special Easter treat, this box of Mini Eggs is a delicious way to sweeten up your holiday. Enjoy the crunchy, colorful mini eggs inside the smooth and creamy chocolate.
  • EASTER EGG ACTIVITIES - Enjoy a fun-filled Easter with a Chocolate Easter Mini Egg Hunt! Gather your family and friends and hunt for delicious mini eggs hidden around your home or backyard.
  • EASTER GIFTS - Enjoy the delicious flavor of Mini Eggs with this mini eggs pack. Perfect for sharing with friends and family, each pack contains a variety of creamy, chocolatey mini eggs that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.
  • PACK CONTAINS - 8* A pocket size pack of solid milk mini chocolate eggs in a crisp sugar shell. An Easter treat - Mini Eggs and a bag of Dairy Milk eggs.