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15M Garden Hose with Spray Nozzle Attachments

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  • Brand: Tilz
  • Sprinkler Attachment - The sprinkler attachment for your water hose transforms it into a mini irrigation system. This water spray features adjustable spray patterns and coverage options, allowing you to water large areas or target specific sections of your garden with ease. It provides a convenient and efficient way to keep your plants hydrated, promoting healthy growth.
  • Pressure Washer - The pressure washer attachment turns your flexi hose into a powerful cleaning tool. By harnessing the water pressure, this attachment delivers a high-pressure stream that can tackle stubborn dirt, grime, and debris from various surfaces, such as driveways, patio furniture, or garden walls. It offers a quick and effective way to maintain the cleanliness of your outdoor spaces.
  • Flow Control: A pressure washer hose with a flow control hose pipe connector gives you the power to regulate the water flow directly at the hose pipes. This handy feature allows you to adjust the water pressure without needing to go back to the faucet. Whether you want a gentle sprinkle for delicate seedlings or a steady stream for cleaning tasks, the flow control attachment provides convenient and precise water flow management.
  • Faucet Adapter: The faucet adapter is a useful hose connector that allows you to connect your irrigation hose to different types of faucets or water sources. With various thread sizes and styles, the hose spray adapter ensures a secure and leak-free connection, enabling you to water your garden from indoor or outdoor faucets, utility sinks, or even rain barrels. It offers versatility and convenience when it comes to accessing water.
  • Hose Mender: The hose attachments comes to the rescue when your water hoses for gardens suffers a puncture or develops a leak. This handy device allows you to repair damaged sections of the flexible hose by cutting out the affected area and joining the two ends back together. It saves you from having to replace the entire garden hoses and extends its lifespan, ensuring you can continue watering your garden without interruptions.