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Mini Hot Water Bottle Gift Set (Penguin)

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  • Stay Warm and Cozy with Our Mini Hot Water Bottle and Hot Chocolate Gift Set - Embrace winter with our delightful package, including 1x mini Hot Water Bottle with an adorable penguin cover for a touch of whimsy and warmth, 1x Hot Chocolate Sachets, indulge in rich, creamy hot chocolate on chilly nights, and 1x Hot Chocolate Mug, perfectly paired for sipping your favourite cocoa blend. Hot Chocolate Sachets: Indulge in rich, creamy hot chocolate on chilly nights.
  • Kids hot water bottle: Elevate winter comfort and experience ultimate warmth and coziness with our cute hot water bottle, Hot Chocolate Gift Set with mug. Stay toasty with the quick warmth of the hot water bottle animal cover and savor a gourmet hot chocolate treat. Ideal for gifting, it's a stylish and comforting choice. Ultimately girls hot water bottle and hot water bottle boys too!
  • Instant Comfort & Indulgence: Discover instant warmth and indulge in our warm bottle hot water, Hot Chocolate Gift Set. Feel the soothing warmth and relish the rich flavors of our gourmet hot chocolate mix. Includes a charming mug with a penguin cover, making it an ideal gift for any occasion. The ultimate small hot water bottle with cover uk for gifting!
  • Sip, Snuggle, Savor: Transform your evenings with our child hot water bottle with cover uk, Hot Chocolate Gift Set with mug kids Quick warmth from the mini hot water bottles and sensory delight from gourmet hot chocolate mix. A stylish mug is included in this novelty hot water bottle gift set, making it perfect for gifting and home comfort.
  • Luxurious Hot Chocolate Moments: Elevate your hot chocolate game with our Hot Chocolate Mug Set. It's the perfect gift for kids, complete with everything they need for a delicious treat. The ultimate children hot water bottle with cover uk for your child!