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Jurassic World - Ankylosaurus

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  • Discover the Jurassic world and its fearsome jurassic world dinosaurs articulated by 22 cm an exclusive domain collection. Ankylosaurus plays sounds that you can unlock from your smartphone. Articulated in several places to reproduce giant dinosaur movements.

  • The dinosaurs toy jurassic world dominion mega destroyers big bites are sold individually and each emits its own characteristic and unique sound. Move your tail or press the strong armor of your Achylosaurus to hear its strong roar.

  • It is the great gift for children from 4 years and older, especially if fans of Jurassic World, dinosaurs and action game. Equipped with 3 AG13/LR44 1.5V clock size batteries for illustration purposes only.

  • Unleash the roaring attack of your Ankylosaurus and bring your extinct super dinosaurs back to life for an epic new battle in the most terrifying park that exists. Jurassic World opens the doors of its forest to you.

  • The attack of nature giants. Jurassic predators are available to recreate your exclusive jurassic world. Collect all fierce dinosaurs toys.