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Kinetic Sand Sandyland with 2lbs of Kinetic Sand

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  • 2LBS KINETIC SAND: Kinetic Sand is the original, squeezable play sand kids love! Fluff the sand, feel it flows through fingers like slow-moving liquid! Satisfying oozes, moves and melts!
  • SCENTED AND COLOR SAND: Includes teal, brown and exclusive strawberry-scented pink Kinetic Sand! Make colorful swirls and candy shapes! Create a land of sweet magic with the Kinetic Sand Sandyland!
  • GIANT SANDBOX: Turn all your candy dreams into reality with Sandyland! Create sand art again and again! Use your portable folding sandbox as a play space and fold it back up when you're done for easy clean-up!
  • OVER 15 CANDY-THEMED MOLDS AND TOOLS: Sandyland has everything you need for mesmerizing creations! Use the stamps, molds, and decorations to build your world! Use the tools to cut, dig, and shovel!