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Haribo Mini Bags Bulk Sweets Bundle - Haribo Hampers

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  • Haribo Sweet Bags - Bundle of Haribo assorted sweets for party bags approximately 50 total. Bags of sweets Haribo gift set with multipack sweets small sweet bags that are perfect sweet hampers gift baskets for men and women and party sweets for kids!
  • Haribo Starmix Mini Bags - All your favourite Haribo sweets including foamy Haribo Hearts and Haribo Eggs with fruity Haribo Gummy Bears and Haribo Cola Bottles!
  • Haribo Supermix Mini Bags - With classic Haribo Jelly Babies and Haribo Milk Bottles this supermix of fun has something for everyone!
  • Haribo Tangfastics Mini Bags - This tangy selection has Sour Cherries Haribo, Sour Haribo Cola Bottles with a mix of Foam Sweets to tantalise your taste buds!
  • Haribo Happy Cola Mini Bags And Haribo Goldbears - Haribo Cola minis for Haribo Cola sweets lovers! Golden Bears Haribo gold bears sweet gummie bears sweets and Happy Cola bottle gummies jelly sweet hamper!