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Grow Your Own Chillies | Chilli Seeds Growing Kit | Grow Your Own Chilli Kits 3 Varieties Chilli Seeds to Grow – 100% Reusable Materials

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  • Grow Your Own Kits - Everything you need to grow your own chilli plants. 3 varieties of chilli seeds and 3 reuseable plant pots.
  • Three Chilli Seeds to Grow - Chilli Jalapeno (medium hot), Chilli Cayenne (fiery hot) and Chilli Habanero (extreme hot). Grown your own vegetables. Jalapeno seeds, cayenne seeds and habanero seeds.
  • Eco-Friendly Grow kits - Includes 3 chilli plants pots (indoor chilli plant), compost pallet and 3 varieties of chilli seeds (chilli plants ready to plant) . Enough chilli seeds to grow several attempts and suitable for beginners
  • Perfect Gift – Perfect gift for grow your own veg and grow your own plant lovers. Comes packaged in an attractive chilli themed box, perfect for gifting. Just wrap it up, slip it into a bag or add a bow, and this gift set is ready to go!
  • Full Growing Instruction available with the packaging

Details: Are you ready to take on the plant your own / grow your own chilli challenge? Grow your own chillies at home indoor chilli plant or outdoor chilli plant with this all in one complete starter Kit. chillies seeds, chili seeds to grow, chilli pepper seeds, hot chilli seeds, chillies plants, chili seeds, chilli seed, chilli plants in pots, seed kits, pepper plants in pots, seed kit, grow your own vegetables kit kids, pepper seeds to grow, chili plant, jalapeno plant, grow chilli kit, grow your own ghost chilli,

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