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Dogs Splash Sprinkler Paddling Pool - 100cm

Original price £14.99 - Original price £14.99
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£14.99 - £14.99
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  • Brand Tilz
  • Colour Green
  • Item dimensions L x W x H 22.2 x 26.1 x 4.1 centimetres
  • Shape Round
  • Material Polyester
  • Capacity 35 litres
  • Age range (description) Kid
  • Frame material Plastic
  • Special feature Anti-Slip
  • Assembly time 2 Hours
    • Refreshing Aquatic Paradise - Immerse your pet in a refreshing aquatic paradise with the pet plastic paddling pool. This remarkable two-in-one device combines the excitement of a sprinkler with the comfort of a pad, offering your beloved companion a delightful and invigorating experience. The splash pad serves as a soft and welcoming surface for your pet to explore, while the sprinklers create a mesmerizing spray of water, transforming your backyard into an oasis of fun and refreshment.
    • Interactive Water Fun - Get ready for endless hours of interactive water fun with the splash sprinkler bath mat. As the gentle sprays of water shoot up from the built-in sprinklers, your furry friend will be captivated by the playful and mesmerizing display. They can chase the sprays, pounce on the droplets, or simply bask in the joy of splashing around on the comfortable non slip mat pad.
    • Safe and Paw-Friendly Design - The pet garden play equipment prioritizes safety and comfort for your pet. Crafted with their well-being in mind, the dog pad features a soft and cushioned surface that is gentle on their paws. The anti-slip design ensures stability, minimizing the risk of accidental slips or falls during playtime. You can have peace of mind knowing that your pet can enjoy hours of water-filled excitement in a secure and pet-friendly environment.
    • Easy Setup and Adjustable Sprinklers - Setting up the pet splash sprinkler pad is a breeze, allowing you to quickly bring the water wonderland to life. Simply connect the dog splash pad to a standard garden hose, and watch as the sprinklers activate, creating a magical water spray. The sprinklers are adjustable, giving you control over the water pressure and direction.
    • Versatile Outdoor Companion - The pet outdoor play mat is a versatile companion for outdoor adventures. Suitable for pets of all sizes and breeds, this pad offers a range of activities and experiences. Whether your pet wants to chase the sprays, cool off on a hot summer day, or simply lounge and relax, the dog pool with sprinkler provides a versatile space for them to indulge in their water-loving instincts.