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Sprinkle 'n' Splash Baby Toddler Play Mat Sprinkler Paddling Pool

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  • CREATE SUMMER MEMORIES WITH YOUR CHILD – Create precious summertime memories as your child plays in this toddler safe Banzai Splash Play Mat. This shallow garden outdoor kids pool (designed to be shallow for safety) produces a gentle fountain of water when connected to a normal garden hose. It’s a cool, safe and fun way for your kids to spend time outside this summer.

  • SAFETY FIRST SHALLOW WATER TO MINIMISE RISK - This shallow paddling pool or sprinkling play mat will bring joy to the parents as you watch your kids play in the shallow play mat. This sturdy mat will create hours of splashing and water paddling – just imagine how much fun your baby or toddler will have.

  • SOFT AND EASY TO USE - this shallow garden pool is so easy to use. Simply plug into a garden hose. Water fills the soft play mat filling the squishy rim of the mat and sprinkles water all over the mat creating a shallow pool of water in the process. The gentle water creates just enough splash for your toddler.

  • HOURS OF SPLASH AND PADDLE FUN TIME - The only limit with this paddle pool and sprinkle mat is your child’s imagination. With hours of fun and exciting adventure awaiting your kids as they splash around this pool. Made from durable PVC.

  • SAFE FOR YOUR KIDS - Made of soft plastic material and the water is very shallow so it is safe. The mat has gorgeous pictures of ocean animals that will keep your little one entertained all summer long. Easy to use for children 18 months and up.