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Unisex Waterproof Goggles Clear Lens Anti Fog With Adjustable Strap

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  • BRAND - Tilz
  • COLOUR - Multiple
  • SWIMMING GOGGLES FOR KIDS - These childrens swimming goggles are designed to protect your kids eyes from pool and ocean water while maintaining long wear comfort. These boys goggles and girls goggles are great for seeing underwater clearly without hurting your eyes
  • FLEXIBILITY - Flexible hold and wear for long term comfort underwater! Childs swimming goggles children goggles swimming glasses kids resistant to scratches and damage
  • COLOUR - Blue & Green
  • DURABILITY - With flexible straps these kids swim goggles have a strong and long lasting hold to ensure no water escapes in! Resistant to breakage these anti fog glasses are great for young swimmers wherever they may go
  • EASY ADJUST - Adjust the straps for comfort and security easily with these kids sports goggles and children swimming goggles for kids boys and girls
Color: Yellow & Orange