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Scented Nappy Sacks with Tie Handles 200 Pcs Pack of 4

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$11.89 - $11.89
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  • Brand Tilz
  • Capacity 340 Grams
  • Unit count 1.0 count
  • Recommended uses for product Baby Waste
  • Colour 200 * 4
  • Material Polyethylene
  • Item form Bag
  • Scent Fragrance
  • Number of items 1
  • Item weight 70 Grams
  • FRAGRANCED - Mask the odours of soiled nappies with these nappy sacks scented which also serve to protect your home or car from strong smells. Must have nappy bags scented for home and on the go use to protect against smells and leaks!
  • MULTIPURPOSE - These scented nappy bags can be used for pet waste, puppy pads, baby nappies and more. Easy baby nappy bags disposable to carry on the go in your car, purse, bag, nappy bag or pram! A baby nappy changing bag essential
  • HYGIENIC - Great nappy bin bags for disposing of waste hygienically, with tie handles to help prevent against leaks and spread of bacteria. Diaper bags disposable great for travel, visiting a friends house, quick clean up after pets and more!
  • DISPOSABLE - Simple disposal with less fuss and smells, simply tie closed and never worry about foul smells lingering again. Keep your baby bin, nappy bin or household waste bin smelling fresh for longer with these scented bags nappy disposal bags
  • PRODUCT DETAILS - Nappy sacks baby x