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Expandable Garden Hose Pipe - 30M with 7-Function Spray Gun

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  • Brand: Tilz

  • Flexible Control: The expanding hose with 7-dial spray gun offers unparalleled flexibility and control. The gardening tools expands and contracts as needed, allowing you to easily reach various areas of your garden or lawn. The 7-dial spray gun provides different water flow options, giving you precise control over the intensity and pattern of the water spray.
  • Compact Convenience: This water hose is designed for convenience and easy storage. When not in use, the expandable hose contracts to a compact size, making it easy to store in small spaces. The 7-dial spray gun also features a compact design, allowing you to handle it comfortably and efficiently.
  • Versatile Watering: With the expanding hose pipe and 7-dial spray gun combo, you can achieve versatile watering options. The expandable hose pipe expands up to a certain length, allowing you to cover a large area, while the 7-dial spray gun lets you choose from various watering patterns, such as shower, mist, cone, flat, and more. This versatility ensures that you can adapt to different watering needs in your garden.
  • Leak-Proof Performance: The expanding hose with 7-dial spray gun is engineered to provide leak-proof performance. The hose pipes are designed with high-quality materials that prevent leaks and bursts, ensuring a consistent and reliable water flow. The 7-dial spray gun also features a secure connection to the flexi hose, eliminating any potential leakage during use.
  • Effortless Operation: Experience effortless operation with the expanding hose and 7-dial spray gun combination. The garden hoses expands and contracts automatically, eliminating the need for manual winding or untangling. The 7-dial spray gun is ergonomically designed for easy grip and control, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the water flow and switch between different watering patterns.