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Cocktail Sticks Toothpicks in Plastic Containers - Double Sided Bamboo Wooden Sticks for Stirring, Dental and Craft (2 * 500)

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  • Brand: Tilz
  • Size: (2*500)
  • ECO FRIENDLY - These cocktail sticks for food are made of 100% bamboo and are completely biodegradable. More environmentally friendly than plastic toothpicks, these bamboo skewers don't expire and can be thrown out with your regular food waste as they are biodegradable!
  • STRONG - These wooden food picks are strong and durable, they won't snap easily and are great for teeth, wooden sticks for craft projects, food items and more!
  • VERSATILE COCKTAIL STICKS - Great for use with small food, snacks, decorating baked goods, drinks, teeth, arts and crafts, for holding items together or even cleaning between buttons on remotes
  • GREAT FOR TEETH - These toothpicks wooden help prevent plaque build up and combat bad breath. Great for getting small bits of food out of your teeth so you can smile with confidence!
  • PRODUCT DETAILS - 4 x 150 cocktail sticks in clear plastic containers